Branding and Identity Development Expert NYC

Branding and Identity


The first stepping stone to success for any company is creating imagery and a message that conveys your brand’s promise and individuality. From logo design and brand identity development to copywriting, we are a one stop shop for all of your branding and visibility needs.


Shaping Perception


From your logo and website to your company presentation, business cards and advertising / PR, every “touch” point of communication is an opportunity to shape how your company is perceived by the outside world. 


Through a consultative approach, we assist our clients in identifying what this perception should be. The result is polished unified messaging and maximum consumer impact.


We help you develop a consistent, concise master brand strategy against which all subsequent communications mediums are developed,


Forging Emotional Connections


We begin with the consumer, what is your product or service and what kind of person will that make your customer, how will it make them better? From there we develop creative that speaks directly and meaningfully towards that aspiration.


In order to create a lasting emotional bond with your audience you must honor them, spark their curiosity and imagination while speaking to their deepest unmet needs.